What is this thing?

It's a lightly-structured party where people get together and work on a project in a new programming language, either with or just near each other.

This all started with the realization that plenty of people have a side-project in mind to work on, that it's more fun to work together, and that many of us are just waiting for a good excuse to get started.


      Host a PLIBMTT-PARTY

      It's easy to throw a PLIBMTTBHGATY; just find a space, open a pull request to add your event to this website, and invite some friends.

      Some ingredients include:

      • Coffee

      • Breakfast

      • Name tags

      • Whiteboards

      • Couches

      • Reference books

      • Lunch

      • Signs with names of programming languages

      • A show-and-tell at the end

      Four to five hours seems to be about the right amount of time for this.